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SLCC President Cynthia Bioteau and SLCC Developmental Education Division Chair discussed the roll of a community college in general and the role of SLCC in particular yesterday on KCPW. (Click on the bottom link.) This was in response to the PBS/Learning Matters documentary Discounted Dreams: High Hopes and Harsh Realities at America's Community Colleges. I haven't had the opporunity to see the documentary yet, and will not comment directly on it at this time.


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2019 RMWCA Conference Address

First of all, I want to thank Justin and all the folks in the Colorado Wyoming Writing Tutor Conference for their excellent job in organizing the conference this year.  The workshop sessions yesterday were evocative and gave me a lot to think about. I’m looking forward to the sessions today.
Secondly, out on a table near registration you will find stickers [hold up stickers] and buttons [show off button] for the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing and International Writing Centers Association joint conference in Columbus, Ohio held from October 16th to the 19th next fall.  I encourage you all to adapt your presentations here at TutorCon or propose new ones for that conference.  Also, keep and eye out for travel grant opportunities, and don’t let he  price tag deter you from proposing. Our region represents some of the most innovative writing center work in the world. 
Finally, I bring greetings from the Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association.  It has been a banner year…