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Keeping track

After a moderately slow June, the Student Writing Center is hopping now. June gave me a chance to map out several projects I want to engage in over the next year: participate in SLCC's push to join iTunes you by creating audio and video podcasts that would be useful for student writers coordinate a new push to have faculty develop new resources for the Student Writing Center create a video orientation (in cahoots with number 1 above) for both our online and in-person response services the writing center movie project I discussed early on the UWofCG consider methods to record and distribute advising sessions to student writers via mp3/iPod I've also been discussing with my IWCA colleagues various issues that have come up about publications as well as our fall agenda. We went into recess just a few short weeks ago, so it has slowed down considerably on the IWCA front. Now, of course, what interest might a reader find in this? Probably nothing. As I mentioned in the firs