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Mobile Poetry Collective!

A new Undersea World  feature for you just in time for National Poetry Month: Mobile Poetry Revolutionary Collective! Join the revolution and call in the poem of your choice to 801-930-0674. It can be your own work or a favorite of yours. Be sure to state your name, identify the author (even if it is your own) and the title. I reserve the draconian right to exclude any submission I see fit. The submissions will be featured here on The Undersea World . Here are some prototype samples from various folks: Carrie de Azevedo-Poulsen gives us "Thanks" by W.S. Merwin Cordelia Willgren offers up Naomi Shihab Nye's "At the Seven Mile Ranch, Comstock, Texas" Ethan Millard give us Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll The Death of See by William Carlos Williams