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iPads in the Writing Center

Over on the listserv WCENTER a few weeks ago there was a discussion of iPads and their uses in writing centers.  I brazenly stated that I was going to keep a list of apps that people mentioned, so here goes: From Neal Lerner of Northeastern University: GoodReader : Used for reading and annotating files. Ultimately, we hope to have writing conferences in which writing consultant and student are reviewing the student's paper on GoodReader, jointly annotating, and saving the file for the student writer to use when revising. : Used for transferring and having access to files. Dropbox : Also used for transferring and having access to files. iThoughtsHD : A mind-mapping tool, useful for idea generation and breaking through those writing blocks. iBrainstorm : Another tool for generating ideas and then organizing those ideas in ways that nicely lead to a written form. PlainText : A text editor, useful for taking notes during a consulting session, which