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Summertime, When the Living is Easy

My summer project of revising the SLCC Student Writing Center online reporting system is coming along exceedingly well. Aside from some fancy graphs to get a better sense of the feedback we are giving to writers, the system also allows folks to put in their work schedules and automatically populates our live online tutoring schedule system. Users can also more easily read the shared reports from other writing advisors, and access the course website and assignment database we've been developing. One cool feature is a word cloud that takes the 50 most-used words out of the user's (or writer's) session reflections. There are more changes, but I've forgotten them. A big move in August will be to revamp the dated interface to something more 2010s than 20-naughts. Tutorial Session Report system

Summer projects

So far I've been blazing through my summer projects that I thought would take much more time.  These projects mainly focus around our home-brewed tutorial session report system.  Basically, I am working to make it more integrated into our current online tutoring system, as well as to work it into a proposed technological innovation that will make it far easier for our Writing Advisors to create reports about and reflect on the sessions they conduct. I was a bit hesitant to post my proposal anywhere, since I was worried about jinxing it by making it public too fast, but what the heck.  Here is the proposal.  Feedback is always welcome.