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  • Salt Lake Community College TRIO SSS Outstanding Campus Partner Award


  • International Writing Centers Association Muriel Harris Outstanding Service Award, October 31, 2014
  • TYCA West Service Award, October 11, 2014


  • All-Star Community Writing Center Advisory Board Member


  • Ron Maxwell Award for Distinguished Leadership in Promoting the Collaborative Learning Practices of Peer Tutors in Writing
  • TYCA West Service Award


  • SLCC Student Life & Leadership Recognition for Support of Student Clubs
  • SLCC Innovation of the Year Award (Writing Certificate of Completion)


  • Utah Campus Compact Civically Engaged Staff Member
  • International Writing Centers Association Recognition of Service


  • International Writing Centers Association Summer Institute Leader Recognition


  • SLCC Outstanding Staff Award


  • TYCA West Service Award


  • SLCC President's Writers and Creative Works Award


  • SLCC Disability Resource Center Recognition of Dedication to Students with Disabilities
  • SLCC Outstanding Staff Award


  • Phi Beta Kappa, University of Utah
  • Cum Laude, University of Utah


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Last week, I was talking with colleagues about a future super-secret project (stay tuned) and we got to wondering how many two-year college writing center folks were on WCENTER. WCENTER is the preeminent listserv for writing center folks. I've been a member since 1992, but I don't recall anyone trying to figure out who (demographically) was on the list. Rather than burdening list members with a huge demographic survey, however, I just decided to stick with the original question: what types of institutions are WCENTER users coming from. I only left it up for a few days, so I'm not saying that this survey has captured all potential WCENTER readers/respondents, by the way. My Survey Monkey professional account was expiring, however, and I wanted to download the data. (so much for self-funded research, eh?) In any case, here we go: I did suspect that four year plus universities and colleges would dominate the users of WCENTER, given the list's history and the de

Peer Tutoring: The Essential Contact Zone

I recently had the honor of giving the keynote address at the 2013 South Central Writing Center Association's Annual Conference.  Here is the text of the speech: Keynote Address for the South Central Writing Centers Association Annual Conference February 21-23, 2013 Corpus Christi, Texas Clint Gardner Salt Lake Community College Student Writing Center PRE-INTRODUCTION How many here are peer tutors? How many here have been peer tutors? Being the good writing center person that I am, I’m going to have you do a little writing first. Strange thing in a keynote address, I realize, but bear with me.  “What are the most significant abilities, values, or skills that you developed in your work as a peer writing tutor?” Peer Tutoring:  The Writing Center's Essential Contact Zone INTRODUCTION Today I want to talk about why I think Peer Tutoring is the essential contact zone for a writing center.  By contact zone I mean the place where learning happens, in all it