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  • International Writing Centers Association Muriel Harris Outstanding Service Award, October 31, 2014
  • TYCA West Service Award, October 11, 2014


  • Ron Maxwell Award for Distinguished Leadership in Promoting the Collaborative Learning Practices of Peer Tutors in Writing
  • TYCA West Service Award


  • SLCC Student Life & Leadership Recognition for Support of Student Clubs
  • SLCC Innovation of the Year Award (Writing Certificate of Completion)


  • Utah Campus Compact Civically Engaged Staff Member
  • International Writing Centers Association Recognition of Service


  • International Writing Centers Association Summer Institute Leader Recognition


  • SLCC Outstanding Staff Award


  • TYCA West Service Award


  • SLCC President's Writers and Creative Works Award


  • SLCC Disability Resource Center Recognition of Dedication to Students with Disabilities
  • SLCC Outstanding Staff Award


  • Phi Beta Kappa, University of Utah
  • Cum Laude, University of Utah


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The following was presented in a roundtable session at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (November 3, 2018) at the South Padre Island Convention Center, Texas with Romeo García of the University of Utah, Jorge Ortega of Weber State University, and Jonathan Ramirez of Salt Lake Community College.

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