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English 1810: Writing Center Theory & Practice/Writing Centers as Agents of Social Change

English 1810 is a service learning course in which students engage in service in a writing center context.  Right now our writing centers are limited to the SLCC Student and Community Writing Centers (q.v.) but I suppose that could change in the future if enough student were involved.  I have a feeling, however, that most students will chose to work on-campus, given the convenience of that.  This assumption is borne out by the students taking the class this term have opted to do their service in the Student Writing Center. The nature of their service is fairly broad.  Initially, when fellow co-planners Tiffany Rousculp & Melissa Helquist were working on this class, we assumed that most students would want to work with writers one-to-one.  This year's students, however, are about 60/40 split with 60% doing projects other than one-to-one work.  These projects include conducting workshops ranging from orientations for new or high school students to those on specific aspects of

Plans or an addendum to busyness

Excuses, excuses!  Actually I have tons of stuff I should have been blogging about. To quote Bugs Bunny, "I've been sick."  Ok, I was ill for 2 days. Anyway, I promise to blog harder from now on out. Upcoming topics: English 1810:  "Writing Center Theory & Practice!" Writing Centers as places of social change! TYCA Midwest & TYCA Pacific Northwest report! The great work of community college students! How SLCC English Department faculty members Lisa Bickmore & Jen Courtney kick ass! The contradictions and complications of a Writing & Social Justice *Conference when your guest speaker charges mondo (i.g. $KKs) cash to speak. How to actually keep a blog going when everything seems to be falling apart by promising way too much on facebook. NCPTW(IWCA) 2011 report! How to beg-off writing/creating an article/web-thing even though you should be writing it really, but you are gasping for air. NCTE 2010 report! Big old shout

Busy Days!

Well, I will be the first to admit that being busy does not for consistent blogging make, but not blogging since summer?  That's scandalous.  Scandalous, I tell you. To wit, I give you an image of the SLCC Student Writing Center running on all cylinders: SLCC Student Writing Center is a fully operational Writing Center!